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Emergency Type

Resources organised according to relevant emergency type(s), such as flood, epidemic or displacement. This category mainly follows the OCHA typology of emergencies.

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Humanitarian cluster

Resources organised according to the relevant Humanitarian Cluster as used by the United Nations.

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Person groups

Resources organised according to the affected group of people, such as children, older people, male or female. This category is inspired by typologies used in Population Studies.

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Resources for earthquakes


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UPDATE! Following the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck central Italy on 24 August, 2016, access to the Cochrane Library has been made free for the next 60 days for anyone accessing from an IP address within the Lazio region of Italy.
Useful …

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An introduction to systematic reviews in the humanitarian sector (Oxford, UK)

30 Nov course

Title: An introduction to systematic reviews in the humanitarian sector
Date: 30 November 2016
Location: Oxford, UK
Cost: £225/person to include all course materials, lunch and refreshments
Course Outline: Building on his successful and popular courses on systematic reviews in a wide variety of settings, Professor Mike Clarke  will …

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Cash-based approaches in humanitarian emergencies

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Cash transfer and voucher programs, if appropriately designed and managed, can be effective and efficient modalities for addressing the needs of crisis-affected populations in a range of contexts. Robust evidence on the effects and efficiency of cash-based interventions are strongest for food …

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June 2016 news bulletin

online news

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We are delighted to share exciting news with you about a number of activities that Evidence Aid has recently undertaken with particular foci on the Evidence Lounge, an activity related to the World Humanitarian Summit, and two new blogs in our series, …

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The World Humanitarian Summit, Effectiveness and Evidence

WH summit logo

Photo credit: https://www.worldhumanitariansummit.org/
Jeroen Jansen
14 June, 2016
Many different opinions have already been expressed on the recent World Humanitarian Summit (WHS)[1], but its ultimate success will be determined by the evidence produced in the coming years. As International Rescue Committee’s President and CEO David Miliband asserted: …

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How can humanitarian and foreign aid policy become evidence-based?

Paul Cairney Blog image

Paul Cairney
14 June 2016
If the world were devoid of politics, it would not be difficult for humanitarian and foreign aid policy to be evidence-based: simply gather and use the best information available. As Philip Davies describes, this can involve: (a) combining statistical data from population …

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Evidence Aid Annual Report 2014 & 2015

annual report 14-15

Download the latest Evidence Aid Annual Report 2014 & 2015
Evidence Aid has been championing the evidence-based approach in humanitarian action since 2004 when it was established by members of Cochrane (www.cochrane.org). While moving from 2014 to 2015, Evidence Aid experienced some huge positive changes. This …

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