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What is evidence?

Evidence scales

Evidence is information or data that helps us understand a problem, or support/reject a proposition or hypothesis.  Evidence can be in the form of quantitative or qualitative data, and can be collected using experimental or naturalistic methods of inquiry. If one wants to know the …

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February 2016 Newsletter

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We have recently worked with members of Cochrane and Wiley alongside Kevin Pottie and Leo Ho on a new collection of evidence titled ‘The health of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe’ which we believe is an important topic at this time.
We …

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A Proposed Framework for Improving the Quality of Humanitarian Response


Photo credit: Denis Bosnic (www.denisbosnic.com)
15 February, 2016 – Tom Kirsch and Paul Perrin
With the swelling number of displaced people and limited global funding, it is increasingly important to support the most efficient and highest quality humanitarian response programs. Measuring the quality and efficiency of a …

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Reducing the impact of extreme environmental events using Environmental Evidence

7 January, 2016 – Andrew S. Pullin & Teri M. Knight
Many would argue that a significant and positive outcome was achieved at the recent Paris summit (COP21) on climate change in December. We may have a real political mandate for action but the world is …

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Will one per cent suffice?

17 November, 2015 – Jeroen Jansen, Director, Evidence Aid
According to the recent synthesis report for the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), research “indicates that at least one per cent of humanitarian spending should be invested in research, evidence and innovation.”[1] It is laudable that the humanitarian …

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The 2015 Sustainable Development Goals and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction: a year for policy coherence


Photo credit: unisdr.org/partners/academia-research/conference/2016/
Amina Aitsi-Selmi1, Kevin Blanchard1, Virginia Murray1, 2, 3
1 Public Health England, UK
2 UNISDR Scientific & Technical Advisory Group, Geneva, Switzerland
3 Chair of the S&T Organising Committee for the UNISDR Science and Technology Conference on the implementation of the Sendai Framework for …

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Ebola and evidence: How will best intentions deliver the best outcomes?

Ebola Centre Liberia Evidence aid_TA edit

 Photo credit: Heidi Moseson
25 August 2015
After a year or more of the Ebola crisis in West Africa, how can we be confident that the care we provide for patients and practitioners in the next disease outbreak is effective?  Whether we’re interested in vaccines, re-hydration strategies, protective …

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