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Pin site care for preventing infections associated with external bone fixators and pins

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There is insufficient evidence to be able to identify a strategy of pin site care that minimises infection rates.
Metal pins are used to apply skeletal traction or external fixation devices in the management of orthopaedic fractures. These percutaneous pins protrude through …

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Listen to the podcast: Electric Fans

Electric fans for reducing adverse health impacts in heatwaves
In July 2012, in the midst of the northern hemisphere summer and as the eyes of world are on London for the Olympics, a new Cochrane Review examines the health effects of using an electric fan during …

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Watch a video about Evidence Aid

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Evidence Aid Conference 2012

29 – 30 October 2012, Brussels, Belgium
Watch the recording of Herman Von Rompuy – President of the European Council, welcoming the 2nd Evidence Aid conference

Photos from the Evidence Aid Conference 2012:

View the conference agenda [PDF].
See speaker bios and photographs.
PDF files of all the speaker presentations …

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