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Hurricane Palms

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Following the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Evidence Aid worked with colleagues in the disaster community to compile the following evidence-based resources that might help.

Evidence Aid Special Collections: Cochrane Library

The following four systematic reviews discuss the health impacts of windstorms and flooding, and ways to reduce these impacts. Short summaries of these are available here.

Health impacts of windstorms: Public Health 2013

Flooding and mental health: PLoS Currents Disasters 2012 May 30 / PDF of article

Infectious diseases and flooding: Disaster Health 2013;1(2):1-11 / PDF of article

Secondary stressors and extreme events and disasters: PLoS Currents Disasters 2012 Oct 29 / PDF of article

Disaster evacuation and medication: PLoS Currents Disasters 2014 Jul 18PDF of article

Power outages and extreme events and health: PLoS Currents Disasters 2014 Jan 02 / PDF of article

Disaster risk management for health: Fact sheets

Disaster needs assessment: MIRA Approach: Process, Methodologies and ToolsDownload bundle of the PDFs

Website for the Philippines response:

WHO Regional Office for Europe: Floods in the WHO European Region: Health effects and their prevention

Archive of Evidence Aid feature posts for major windstorms

Download bundle of the PDFs

Photo: Caritas/ CAFOD, November 2013

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