Health effects of Asian dust events

Read the full review here [Note this article is free access but written in Japanese]

Evidence from research is limited because assessments of dust event exposures have been inadequately described and potential confounding factors have not been sufficiently controlled. Well-designed epidemiological work is required in order to elucidate the potential health effects of Asian dust events.

This systematic review examined potential health effects of Asian dust events. 19 epidemiological studies were identified (3 for mortality, 13 for hospital visits or admissions and 3 for respiratory functions or symptoms). Although Asian dust has a long history of appearing in Japan, it is only in recent years that a concern has been raised about possible health impacts. Depending on the outcomes and lag exposures, some studies indicate possible associations between dust exposure with an increase in mortality and hospital visits and admissions, due to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Other studies did not indicate this relationship.

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