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Key Ebola Articles (with summaries)

Wiley Online Library
The following articles from Wiley Online Library have been made FREE for the next 90 days. Click on the titles to access the full articles.
Africa Research Bulletin: Political, Social and Cultural Series – Ebola Virus-Key Dates:
Biometrics – Statistical Inference in a Stochastic Epidemic …

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French and Spanish Language Resources

The French Ministry of Health – Website in French with information about Ebola including a page with recommendations for health professionals: ebola.sante.gouv.fr/
The Spanish Ministry of Health – Website in Spanish with lists of links to Ebola-specific recommendations for citizens/travellers and for health professionals:  msssi.gob.es/profesionales/saludPublica/ccayes/alertasActual/ebola/home.htm

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Ebola Information Portals

The following is a list of Ebola resource sites with brief synopses of what each data bank provides:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Concise infographic regarding contraction, symptoms and spread of Ebola: cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/pdf/west-africa-outbreak-infographic.pdf
Ebola Communication Network – Information and materials from a global coalition …

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Systematic Reviews in Progress

The Cochrane Collaboration
The Cochrane Collaboration is currently in the process of producing the following systematic review, the protocol is scheduled for publication on 14 November, with a view to the full article being published on 5 December in The Cochrane Library:
Comparison of parenteral routes for …

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Evidence Aid Annual Report 2013

annual report 13

Download the latest Evidence Aid Annual Report 2013 which was published in September 2014 to coincide with the Evidence Aid Symposium 2014 in Hyderabad, India.
“As Evidence Aid enters its tenth year, and looks towards the 2014 anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 26 December …

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Evidence Aid systematic review training course


Building on his successful and popular 2-day courses on systematic reviews, Professor Mike Clarke  will run an Evidence Aid course, placing systematic reviews in the context of disasters and the  provision of humanitarian aid, both medical and non-medical. The course provides learning and  practical experience …

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Evidence Aid Symposium 2014


Evidence Aid, a decade on from the Indian Ocean tsunami: Knowledge for those affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises
Venue: Hotel AVASA, Hyderabad, India
Date: 20 September 2014
View the symposium gallery
Report by Ambrish Singh, Anna University, Chennai, India
Presentations, journal articles and videos now available here:

Muzaffar Ahmad …

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Evidence Aid — with the Belgian Red Cross and other partners — develop a STAG case study


Evidence Aid has worked with the Belgian Red Cross and others to develop a UNISDR Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (STAG) case study: ‘Prevention of diarrhoea in disasters, refugee camps and developing countries‘ which is now available at here under Online Case Studies: Using Science …

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Evidence Aid shareable leaflet now available


A short leaflet can now be found on the Evidence Aid website, under the ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ menu options. The leaflet describes the necessity of evidence-based disaster response knowledge and the effect Evidence Aid has already had in supporting humanitarian aid efforts despite …

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Evidence Aid awarded $10,000 Unorthodox Prize 2013


We are delighted that Evidence Aid has been awarded the ‘Unorthodox Prize 2013’. We were one of 250 submissions from around the world. In addition to the prize of $10,000 and potential for follow-on funding, there is non-financial support provided to help Evidence Aid to …

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