Evidence Aid awarded $10,000 Unorthodox Prize 2013



We are delighted that Evidence Aid has been awarded the ‘Unorthodox Prize 2013’. We were one of 250 submissions from around the world. In addition to the prize of $10,000 and potential for follow-on funding, there is non-financial support provided to help Evidence Aid to reach its full potential.

The Unorthodox Prize website (www.unorthodoxprize.org) states:

“We chose Evidence Aid for several reasons. First, its founder, Professor Mike Clarke, […], and the organization itself seem outstanding, with great reputations in their field. Consequently, we believe Evidence Aid has an excellent chance of achieving its ambitions,

perhaps more than other proposals we received. Second, Evidence Aid is a definite “misfit,” in that it falls outside the traditional issue categories of most funders. Thus, funding resulting directly and indirectly from our prize could be instrumental to its success. Third, we have been on the lookout for philanthropic opportunities in which a time-limited, targeted, and cost-effective intervention could have a big and sustained positive impact on the world’s most disadvantaged people. Mitigating the lasting impacts of disasters, which are disproportionately felt by the poor, is indeed a fertile area for such opportunities.

Billions of dollars are spent annually on international humanitarian responses, yet aid budgets are not keeping pace with the increasing frequency and severity of disasters. At the same time, there is a push to professionalize the field. Evidence Aid can play a significant role in this regard by (a) conducting systematic evidence reviews to identify optimal interventions and (b) providing this information in an easily-accessible format to decision-makers and front-line relief workers. We are aware of no similar effort.

[…] we believe that, among all submissions, Evidence Aid is best positioned for success and offers the highest “return on investment” to society. We are excited to be working with the team at Evidence Aid to further advance their mission […].”

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