Evidence Aid Needs Assessment Survey

Bonnix Kayabu presenting the preliminary results of the needs assessment survey

Evidence Aid is carrying out a needs assessment survey among people working in the humanitarian sector and other related areas to examine the use of systematic reviews by decision-makers involved in disaster risk reduction, planning and response. This survey will contribute to good practice and will help people planning humanitarian interventions and beneficiaries alike to have access to information based on evidence before, during and after natural disasters and other complex emergencies throughout the world. It will identify priorities for the information needed following natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies, which will help with the identification of potentially relevant systematic reviews and of gaps in the evidence base.

The survey is available online in EnglishFrench, and Spanish.

MS Word versions are also available for download in Arabic, English, German, and Spanish.

An article about the survey has been published in PLoS Currents: Disasters and the Effective Health Care Research Consortium newsletter (European Winter 2011).

Completed surveys and any questions should be sent to Claire Allen.

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