Evidence Lounge

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Welcome to the Evidence Lounge event page

The first Evidence Lounge was organised during the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul to promote a more evidence-based approach to humanitarian action – More information here.

The second Evidence Lounge was in Geneva in collaboration with the Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, with the aim to bring together the practitioner and research community, predominantly from the UK and Switzerland to enhance and forge new collaborations to jointly develop a practical guide on how to use evidence in the humanitarian sector. We plan to publish the practical guide is planned in July 2018.

In Geneva the online Evidence Lounge Community of Practice (CoP) was launched with the aim of providing a virtual space where people can come together to exchange views and information related to the generation, use and dissemination of evidence in the humanitarian sector to contribute to a more evidence-based approach to humanitarian action and decisions when and where appropriate. It will also provide a space for the Geneva Evidence Lounge participants to discuss the development of the practical guide.

Are you interested in joining the Evidence Lounge CoP? Please contact us by e-mail on info@evidenceaid.org – we will send you a Slack invite to join the CoP.