Identifying and describing the impact of cyclone, storm and flood related disasters on treatment management, care and exacerbations of non-communicable diseases and the implications for public health

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Disasters have a significant negative impact on the health of people with non-communicable diseases. Future work should aim at assessing all the factors that influence direct and indirect (preventable) morbidity and mortality related to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) during and after disasters.

This systematic review focused on examining the impact of cyclone, flood and storm related disasters on individuals with (or susceptible to) NCDs. Forty-eight articles were identified, all of which contained data from developed countries. Results indicated that, while the impact of disasters varies depending on the type of NCD, disasters could disrupt treatment management and care for people with NCDs, which could exacerbate their illness and even increase risk for death. Interruption of healthcare provision could be caused by damaged transport services, reduced healthcare services, loss of power, evacuations.

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