Over 60 scholars attending the World Humanitarian Summit sign commitment to more collaborative humanitarian research

Many scholars attended the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in Istanbul. Some of them also attended the WHS Academic Forum the Saturday before the WHS. During the WHS there were several meetings for scholars organised by Robert Smith, Head of the Geneva office of the WHS World Secretariat. Evidence Aid (https://www.evidenceaid.org/) and the Evidence Lounge initiative (http://evidencelounge.lshtm.ac.uk/) were represented at the WHS Academic Forum and all the meetings. One of the main questions discussed during the meetings was how and what the academic community can contribute during and after WHS.

The meetings resulted in an official statement with six commitments that was signed by over sixty scholars. The statement recognises the importance of “developing a strong base of knowledge about current emergencies, future threats and their contexts; the populations affected by these emergencies; and the legal frameworks, institutions and interventions that seek to meet humanitarian needs and resolve these crises.” The scholars committed to make humanitarian research more collaborative and inclusive; to research the impacts of the WHS; to develop and adopt evidence based approaches; to localise humanitarian research; to improve the impact and increase the use of humanitarian research; and to protect academic freedom, uphold scientific ethics, and be accountable.

The scholars signed the statement as individuals and therefore Evidence Aid and the Evidence Lounge are not included in the list of signatories. Both Evidence Aid and the Evidence Lounge will be involved in the implementation. All scholars will join the Evidence Lounge online community to share progress, exchange information and continue the discussions started at the WHS. Evidence Aid is leading the Evidence Lounge initiative and has offered to assist by helping scholars to connect with other relevant organisations and institutions.

You can access the full statement of commitment here.

O leer la versión española aquí.

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