Post-exposure treatment of Ebola virus using passive immunotherapy: Proposal for a new strategy

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A systematic review (no details given) was undertaken on the use of passive immunotherapy for the treatment or prevention of Ebola virus disease (EVD). Comparing the use of passive therapy currently used for venom-induced disease, it is stated that hyperimmune equine IgG fragments and purified polyclonal whole IgG deserve further consideration as treatment for exposure to Ebola virus.

Experimental treatment with monoclonal antibodies is not a widely available treatment for Ebola infection but a model similar to the use of antivenom treatments is now possible through developments in the use of immunoglobulin G (IgG) and increased understanding of pharmacokinetics.  Equine polyclonal IgG fragments are more suited to the political, social and economic constraints of African countries.  Convalescent human plasma is considered difficult and dangerous to collect and administer.  Details are given of seven steps towards the development of treatment of people exposed to the Ebola virus or affected by EVD.

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