Supplementation with multiple micronutrients for breastfeeding women for improving outcomes for the mother and baby

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Authors found no evidence to quantitatively assess the effectiveness of multiple‐micronutrient supplementation in improving health outcomes in mother and baby. The results are limited by the small numbers of studies available, small sample sizes and the studies not reporting on the outcomes of interest in this review. There is no evidence to evaluate potential adverse effects of multiple‐micronutrient supplements, particularly excess dosages.

Globally, more than two billion people are estimated to be deficient in key vitamins and minerals, particularly iodine, iron, and zinc, with most living in low-income settings. Micronutrient deficiency among breastfeeding mothers and their infants also remains an issue in high-income settings. This review evaluates the effects of multiple-micronutrient supplementation in breastfeeding mothers on maternal and infant outcomes.

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