The Dignity Project

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Tom Wein is the founder of The Dignity Project, a campaign for more respectful development.Visit the website here.

Is your program respectful?

How, exactly, do you know that? Did you ask people?

Development is frequently disrespectful. We all want to do better – and donors promise to give more to charities that are respectful. But right now we don’t have the tools to make sure we deliver on promises of dignity. The Dignity Project creates open access, ready-translated tools to properly measure respect.

We’ve made strides in measuring complex concepts like wellbeing, capabilities, and even stress. We talk about dignity all the time, and it is a crucial concept – the philosophical underpinning of egalitarianism and rights, and of many approaches to research ethics. Yet we rarely define it, and right now we don’t measure it.

That’s why The Dignity Project is launching today. There’s already a first set of measurement tools available. So far we’ve used dignity to examine charity donors and the preferences of aid recipients. These tools can support experimental trials or standard surveys.

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